Dressember 2014

Dressember Days 1-8 Collage

This non-dress-wearing girl is donning a dress every day for the month of December. And I want you to join me. The whole idea behind Dressember is to raise money for International Justice Mission (IJM). My favorite thing about IJM is that not only do they rescue victims of sex trafficking and slavery, but they […]

Fairy God-the-Father Wishes

I sobbed in front of the open pink trunk I’d stolen borrowed from my sister. The dinged silver edges and worn interior matched the beating I’d verbally given myself. The cold kitchen tile seeped through my thin pajamas. With muster, I kicked the side of the case. I needed to quit crying. I needed to buck up. […]

The Start of a Life-Long LOVE

FSU poster picmonkey

Today is a HUGE day for me. TWENTY years ago (wow!), my daddy took me to my first college football game – the 1994 Texaco Classic at the Citrus Bowl featuring Notre Dame and Florida State. I started rooting for ND b/c of my Irish heritage, but about the second quarter, I saw a blonde […]

When you Have a Breakdown…

When you have a breakdown

I’m having a breakdown. Tears stream down my cheeks and my tissue needs replaced. Justin and I have been in transition – leaving a decade-long ministry that we love and looking toward the future with hope. It’s been hard to find time to do anything, let alone blog, which leaves a sense of dissatisfaction in […]

Writer’s World Blog Tour

Blog Tour edited Featured Image

There’s a fun thing that authors love to do besides sitting around a laptop snacking on M&Ms and Coke Zero (or is that only me?) and that is to promote other authors. I was asked to participate in the Writer’s World Blog Tour, which means I’m answering four quick “interview” questions, and introducing you to […]

Just a little update

Thank you to everyone who filled out the 2014 Reader Survey. While I learned a lot, and found that I had good idea of who my audience was. I’m really excited about all the topics you guys are interested in. So much fun! This past week has been crazy. We took the kids to Disney […]

Happy Birthday to……

1 bday pt 3 picmonkey

Me! There two birthday cards with my name on the envelope sitting patiently on the table in our family room. I love cards. My love language is Words of Affirmation, so cards and notes are wonderful to me. I keep them  and stick them in my Smash Book. We’re going out to dinner with some […]

Radio Interview with Gino Geraci

KRKS logo

It was such a privilege to be a guest on 94.7 KRKS Crosswalk with Gino Geraci today! If you want to read the introduction and first chapter of The Cinderella Rule for free, there is a ghost-like button on the top right side bar that says Subscribe. I’m trying to figure out why it’s grey on […]

TGSK for the Guys: Axe

never axe

Youth ministers and parents of teens say, “Amen.” I’m loving these TGSKs! I’m keeping the Reader Survey open for a little longer. If you haven’t yet, please take less than a minute to fill it out. I want to know what YOU think, and understand who you are so I can write relevant content instead […]

New Series and a Video Request

Fave Teal background w: TGSK

Thank you so much for taking the Reader Survey! I love the responses I’m getting! I’ve started some new content that should be published on YouTube shortly – Things Girls Should Know #TGSK. I am SUPER excited about it. More info coming! Until then, if you haven’t yet done so, please fill out my super […]